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The Institute of Linguistics has a digital journal (Signo y Seña), a collection of printed books on aboriginal languages and Latin-American Spanish (Nuestra América) and a Digital Series, which includes the proceedings of workshops and conferences organized by the Institute. This section also includes some titles from the collection Saberes of the Publications Secretariat of the Faculty.


Signo y Seña

ISSN: 2314-2189

Signo y Seña is the journal published by the Institute of Linguistics of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the University of Buenos Aires. It is a biannual electronic and free access publication that promotes discussion, exchange of ideas and the dissemination of research in all areas of linguistics both in Argentina and abroad. Each issue of Signo y Seña includes a thematic or monographic section by a recognized specialist in the area, and also a section of free articles, notes, reviews and news relating to discipline. In its pages there are published and unpublished original works in Spanish and Portuguese. Also included is a review section.

Responsible Editor: Julia Zullo, Institute of Linguistics (UBA), Argentina

Associate Editor: Marcelo Augusto Trombetta, Institute of Linguistics (UBA), ISP "Dr. Joaquín V. González" (TWT), Argentina

Contact: revista-il [@], revistasys.uba [@]


Collection Our America

Initiated in 1994, this series aims to give an account of research generated in the area of Indigenous Languages, Language Contact and Spanish American Institute of Linguistics. Defined as native languages (disqualified, survivors, threatened from the conquest onwards), they need to be documented and studied to account not only their grammar but also the worldviews and cultures of those human groups that generated and used the languages. At the same time, It is fundamentally important to study and produce knowledge on contact situations with different Spanish dialects and varieties, both from diachronic and synchronic approaches. In short, the collection includes research in a field where much work remains to be done not only from a descriptive standpoint but also from a political and educational one. This area of research results in documentary work that encourages grammatical and pedagogical knowledge contained in the series and subseries of the collection: series documents, educational series, and American Indian languages.

Honorary Director: Ana Gerzenstein †

Editorial Committee: Leonor Acuña, Ana Fernández Garay, Lucia Golluscio, Angelita Martinez, Cristina Messineo, José Luis Moure