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The University of Buenos Aires Institute of Linguistics is, in Argentina, one of the leading centres for research and training of human resources in the different areas of Linguistics.

 Plurality is a trait constitutive of the discipline, and this is represented in the various research projects held by the Institute and funded centrally by the University of Buenos Aires, CONICET, and the National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology.

The Institute of Linguistics shows diverse approaches to the study of language clearly and precisely. This is demonstrated by 23 accredited research projects, which involve nearly 200 people, including scholars and researchers.

Research in Linguistics is not synonymous with a theory, a school, a methodology, an approach to certain popular topics, or a name.

Research in Linguistics is basically an analysis of one or more aspects of language from a perspective that provides specific knowledge about its organization, operation, and effects. No theories, schools, methods, or data collection techniques and interpretations (critical or not) are privileged. Instead, there are views and achievements in relation to them.

The Institute fulfils this premise in an exemplary manner and aims to continue to occupy the place of privilege that has taken on a national and international role for the plurality and quality of their research, researchers and scholars.


Institute of Linguistics

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

University of Buenos Aires

25 de Mayo 217/221, 1st floor

(C1002ABE) Buenos Aires


Phone: (54 11) 4342-9710 / 9718, ext. 103


Facebook: iling.uba

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 14 to 20 hours